Fat Truck

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Drive off-road, swim through water, and climb anywhere in-between!

When you need incomparable performance both on and off the road, there's no better choice than the Fat Truck.

Whether you expect amphibious applications or harsh winter conditions, Fat Trucks will deliver you where you need to be.

Fat Trucks offer a wide range of performance features that include:

ROPS ISO 3471 Certified

Automatic Brakes When Vehicle Is Not Moving

An Automated Tire Inflation System

Intuitive Dash Display

Ability to transport up to 16 People

Fuel Autonomy

Controlled Noise Level

360-Degree Visibility

Side Mirrors

Intuitive Proportional Joystick Drive

Automatic Drive Modes

Ultra-Low Ground Pressure, No More Mud Ruts!

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Download our Fat Truck spec sheets to learn more about Fat Truck and their features.

This spec sheet provides all of the features of  our Fat Truck offerings

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On-Road Utility
Off-Road Mobility

Whether you're driving through an industrial work site or across a remote wilderness path, Fat Truck's industrial off-road utility vehicles will deliver.

Built from high-quality materials that can handle any amount of cold, wind, water, or mud, these vehicles offer 67 horsepower to haul, tow, or carry a wide range of cargo.

You'll have the control and strength you need to take on challenging loads, and with our patented front, rear, and roof access, the convenience to come and go where and when you need to. 


Fat Truck | Amphibious Personnel Carriers | U.S. Aqua Services

Fat Truck Offers Premium Performance

Boasting a 2.2 Catapillar® Turbo-Diesel engine and rugged 64" tires, with the 2.8 Pickup you can overcome any obstacle and ensure your payload arrives safely.

Fat Trucks are ROPS ISO 3471 Certified for safety and easy to handle using our intuitive proportional joystick drive.

Our signature amphibious off-road industrial vehicle seats 8 and offers exceptional durability, handling, and mobility across rough trails, 70% inclined slopes, mud, rough terrain, and water.



No matter the size or scope of the job or the remoteness of your work location, you can rely on Fat Truck’s industrial off-road utility vehicles to get the job done right.

We also offer a wide range of towing and truck bed options, and we can deliver your new Fat Truck to your location with ease.

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